Dr. Sherri Gallagher, Child Psychologist

Time and again, it has been shown that those experiencing mental health concerns suffer not just from a chemical imbalance — but from a “dis-ease” of the mind / body / spirit. As humans, we are born in a natural homeostasis and place of wellness; we are born whole. Life is riddled with difficulty, and this can sometimes result in a shift from this wholeness. Dr. Gallagher’s aim is to help you regain the wellness that is naturally part of you.

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An integrative approach…

Dr. Gallagher’s therapeutic approach blends conventional modalities with complementary and alternative methods such as wellness practices (sleep, nutrition, exercise, yoga, and meditation), mindfulness techniques, and more. Her services include:

  • Comprehensive psychological testing and developmental evaluations (birth through adolescence)
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Parent-child interaction therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Play therapy
  • EMDR

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Insurance accepted

Dr. Gallagher currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield and UMR/United Health Care/Optum insurances. In addition, AHCCCS through single-case agreement with Health Choice Integrative Care (HCIC), formerly NARBHA.